لعبة المغامرات المجسمة Lucius 2012

01 مارس

لعبة المغامرات المجسمة Lucius 2012

Lucius (2012/MULTi2/Repack by Audioslave)
2012 | PC | Developer: Shiver Games | Publisher: Lace Mamba Global | 1.41GB
Language: English / Russian | Sound Language : English
Genre: Adventure / 3D / 3rd Person

The luxurious mansion is preparing to celebrate the sixth birthday of Lucius – the heir, the firstborn, and in general the most wonderful children in the world. That’s just the boy began pestering nightmares in which Lucifer opened his terrible secret that could put the Vatican on the ears.
Lucius was the son of the devil, a harbinger of pain and suffering, ready to fall upon humanity mired in sin. But in order to maintain its rule in this world, a little family tree – need finance. So, it is time to destroy all who stand between a child and a huge legacy …

This dark and brutal game takes you into the great house, whose inhabitants will become victims of the diabolical plans. Young Lucius did not stop at nothing to take over the state of their human family. Together with him you have to develop a cunning plan to use telekinesis, mind control, mask sinister murder by accident – and avoid general suspicion.

Features repack:
Do not cut
sound wav-ogg-wav
game version 1.02.3866

متطلبات التشغيل:
v Operating system: Windows XP / Seven
v Processor: Pentium 4 / Athlon XP 1,5 GHz
v RAM: 1.5 GB
v Video Card: NVIDIA 8800 / ATI
v Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
v Free hard drive space: 2 , 9 GB

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