برنامج يجعل سطح المكتب بشكل خيال مذهل 8GadgetPack 5

01 مارس

برنامج يجعل سطح المكتب بشكل خيال مذهل 8GadgetPack 5

8GadgetPack 5.0 Full | 18MB

8GadgetPack is a tool that will help restore the usual gadgets on the desktop in Windows 8, which will help you quickly get the information (clock, calendar, weather, currency exchange rates, system, and so on). Gadgets are installed in the same simple way as before. Included with the program are 45 gadgets (official from Microsoft, as well as the most popular), also included is a gadget 7 Sidebar, which simulates a sidebar gadget Windows Vista. The program has a set of standard and some additional gadgets, and also supports the installation of new ones.

Feature of the program is a handy window c settings 8GadgetPack Tools, which contains the following options:

– Disable startup programs;
– Reset all the gadgets (return to the state after the installation);
– Visit the site of the program;
– Leave a review;
– Uninstall applications

Includes gadgets:

7 Sidebar
All CPU Meter
App Launcher
Chameleon Weather
Control System
CPU Meter
Custom Calendar
Drives Monitor
Drives Meter
eBay Auction Watch
Feed Headlines
Glassy CPU Monitor
GPU Meter
Google International
Google Mail
HUD Time
Multi Meter
My Weather
Network Meter
Network Monitor II
Picture Puzzle
Ping Monitor
POP3 Mail Checker
Power Status
Recycle Bin
Remove Drive Safely
Slide Show
Sticky Notes Online
Stream Portal
System Monitor II
Top Five
Top Process Monitor
Unit Converter
Volume Control
Webradio Sidebar Gadget

Extras. information:
After installation is complete, you’ll see a gadget on the right side of the desktop with a clock gadget to work with the clipboard and the weather. After the first run the application is automatically downloaded to the panel developer gadget 7 Sidebar. It can be configured to your liking, or disable the. If the tab Design uncheck Enable Aero Glass, the side of the background is transparent.

Year: 2013
Developer: Helmut Buhler
OS: Windows 8
Language: ML

للتحميل من هنا


للتحميل من هنا

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