احدث اصدار من محبوبة الملايين الكبار والصغار Super Mario Brawl 2012

22 يوليو

احدث اصدار من محبوبة الملايين الكبار والصغار Super Mario Brawl 2012

احدث سوبر ماريو

سوبر ماريو 2011

سوبر ماريو 2012

Super Mario Brawl (2012/PC/ENG)
Year: 2011 | PC | English | Developer: S.E.E.P. | Publisher: S.E.E.P. | 82.03 Mb
Genre: Arcade (Platform)

It is impossible to speak of videogame and not to cite Super Mario, the most famous plumber of the world has entered into the heart of million players, with him generations have grown on videoplayers’ generations. This project is born the wish to return tribute to the famous thought up personage the genius of Shigeru Miyamoto, a tribute that S.E.E.P. has made up one’s mind to do to his way melting the family Platform with that of Beat Em Up to flowing, the result is: Super Mario Brawl. The game will boast mechanics picchiaduro to flowing and situations purely Platform, will be possible playing is on levels 2D that in situations 2.5D. They all will not lack the enemies and Power Up (including Yoshi!) that have returned famous the universe of Super Mario. You will manage to free the Princess Peach also in this one new adventure? Discovering much soon, hold about it of eye!

3 game modes: Story Mode, Arcade Mode and Koopa Arena.
2 hero: Mario and Luigi.
Hidden Characters in a series of Super Mario, including Wario, Bowser and many others.
8 different worlds with a total of 32 levels of play.
Mixed mode for two players.

System requirements:
. Operating system: Windows ® 2000/XP/Vista/7
. Processor: 450 MHz
. Memory: 256 MB
. Video: Video card with 32 MB VRAM
. Hard disk space: 56 MB
. Sound Card DirectX 9 or higher.
. HDD: 108 MB

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